Life's Too Short
Life's Too Short

Hi, my name's Blaine, and no, my last name isn't Warbler. I am, however, a former Dalton Acadamy Warbler and McKinley New Directions alumni. En route to California.

Want to get on my good side? I like coffee and pop albums.

We're dorks together.

And so I run now to the things
they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I'm waiting for this cough syrup
to come down...

WARNING: This blog deals with triggers for self-harm, suicide, eating disorders and rape. All triggering posts are tagged with 'tw'.

Due to personal reasons, DGRP is officially closed.

Sorry, everyone. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. I’ll keep Blaine’s page up so anyone who wants can go back and look through. It was an amazing run, guys! Thanks to everyone who participated and everyone who followed us for making it so grand.

Love, Raine

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call → blaine
  • After listening to Blaine's voicemail, Kurt shakily speed-dials his ex-fiance and without even hearing if Blaine had picked up or not, he starts singing in a sputtered-out, broken voice: Come what may. Come w-what maaay. I will l-love you until my dying day!
  • It sounded like he might have started to say something else, but his voice becomes even more broken and he lets out a sudden scream after something that sounds like Blaine's name. There is a cacophony of crackling and noise on the line before everything goes quiet.
  • Blaine: Kurt? K-K-KURT?! Just hold on, I'm coming to get you!
  • Shuffling and the disorder of the hospital responding to whatever Blaine is doing in the background: J-J-Just stay where you are, I'm coming to get you! Kurt, I love you! I'm coming to get you!
ooc: fuck this ooc: gunna die ok tw ooc: done ooc: the klaine breakup is angsting up this roleplay more than usual ooc: i am crying come what may call phone call
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text → blaine
  • Blaine: To tell you I love you.
  • Blaine: And that you promised.
  • Blaine: And I can't live without you.
  • Kurt: Youre just saying that so I dont jump. You don't mean it.
  • Blaine: No, that's why I called Chandler. And your father. And why there's a 911 squad out looking for you right now. Listen to the message I left on your phone and tell me I don't mean it again.
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text → blaine
  • Kurt: Why did you call me? I want to jump so bad why did you call? My phone just keeps going off Blaine.
  • Blaine: To tell you I love you.
  • Blaine: And that you promised.
  • Blaine: And I can't live without you.
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Voicemail | Kurt
  • Blaine: What are we doing? Kurt, what the /fuck/ are we doing, going around in circles like this? I'm in the hospital again and you're...You better be anywhere but where you're making me think you are. I love you. Is that what you wanted to hear? I love you. Do I need to say it? Do you need to make me say it? If it's what'll keep you alive I will. You promised me, Kurt Hummel. My mistakes don't mean you can turn around and break that promise. Step down from wherever you are. I don't care anymore. You can come see me. You can come see me, Kurt. You can keep the ring. I'm just trying to do what's best. What's right for both of us. I can't keep you safe when I'm like this, so you have to keep yourself safe, Kurt. Please.
  • It is obvious Blaine is unsuccessfully fighting back tears as he sings a few lines softly into the phone: And there's no mountain too high no river too wide, sing out this song and I'll be there by your side, storm clouds may gather and stars may collide, but I love you until the end of time...
  • : There is a shuffle of nurses outside, and the sound of Blaine frantically hanging up and hiding his phone.
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ooc; By the way - twitters have been gotten for Blaine, Quinn, and Kurt! So be sure to keep up on that too, if you get confused here, dear followers. <3 Players, feel free to join into the chaos. - Blaine - Kurt - Quinn

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Kurt, What the hell? | Phone Call
  • Blaine pulls out his phone that Sebastian had snuck in for him carefully, glancing nervously out his room as he speed-dials Kurt and quickly brings the phone up to his ear: K-Kurt?
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Anonymous said: ooc: omg this is so sad, please please update so i know blaine is okay. your rp is legit like crack to me.

ooc: I might have cried real tears about it? Updates to come today, hopefully. You are the best. <3

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I’m Going Back To The Start | One-Shot

Blaine wretched violently, lurching himself over the toilet as his whole body shook with the momentum. He had long vomited up any food or alcohol in his stomach and was left only with painful, burning strings of stomach acid. After hunching over the toilet for what seemed to be an eternity of dry-heaving and heartburn, Blaine sputtered and choked on his own spit and sick and slowly let himself collapse on the floor.  He groaned loudly, curling around the base of the toilet and wrinkling his nose at the smell. The boy was too weak to do anything about it, though. His body was weak with the amount of vomiting he had done, and every time he read a new notification pop up on his phone his stomach churned all over again.

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lilmissbroadwaybound said: What do you mean?

i dont know

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lillizzie094 said: Text him at least! Blaine the last time he did this he ended up in the hospital! I know you're scared, but he won't reply to me. He will probably reply to you.

what about me

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